Dr. Matty Lee


Traditional Chinese Medicine

Matty has been practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) since 2001, but was exposed to Osteopathy at a much earlier age. 

After finishing Year 12, Matty initially chose to pursue TCM over Osteopathy as he comes from a long family line of TCM doctors. However, after trialling many different treatments for his own neck issues and supporting his wife through breastfeeding pain, Matty gravitated back to Osteopathy as both he and his wife found greater relief through Osteopathy than any other approach.

Matty went on to study Osteopathy professionally, which has given him a much greater insight of the human body structurally and have increased his healing results dramatically. 

Matty now treats patients with a combination of TCM (herbal/acupuncture) and Osteopathy during his consultations, giving him a unique treatment style compared to other osteopaths. He follows the path of the holistic nature of the body rather than the physical biomechanics.

As a person, Matty is very intuitive, friendly and easy-going. He has a strong sense of compassion and has the courage to take on challenges, aiming to help his patients heal in the shortest time possible.

Matty supports his community by donating a portion of his services to patients who find it difficult to afford good osteopathic treatment. 

Matty is Fluent in English, Taiwanese and Mandarin.

Matty's qualifications include:

  • Experienced and Qualified Doctor of Chinese Medicine
  • Bachelor of Applied Science Chinese Medicine/Acupuncture
  • Bachelor of Applied Science Human Biology
  • Bachelor of Applied Science Osteopathy
  • Bachelor of Applied Science Complimentary Medicine
  • Bachelor of Health Science
  • Senior First Aid Certificate
  • Experienced in clinical Massage/Tui Na
  • Clinical Experiences in China, Nan Jing TCM university and Hospital & Taiwan TCM Hospitals


  • Australian Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine Association
  • Australian Osteopathic Association

Dr. Jason Lee


Jason is an avid weight trainer and Crossfitter whose keen interest in human movement, biomechanics and performance led him from his old life as an architect to pursue a career in Osteopathy. He’s a highly qualified therapist with a Cert. IV in Massage, a Diploma of Remedial Massage and a Double Bachelor of Health & Applied Sciences (majoring in Osteopathy).

Jason is a warm and friendly therapist with a unique understanding of the benefits of movement and manual therapy in injury prevention and recovery. His own training provides a working knowledge of how a well maintained body can boost athletic training and performance. 

Jason is fluent in English and Cantonese.

Jason’s qualifications include:

  • Registered Doctor of Osteopathy
  • Experienced Doctor of Osteopathy
  • Bachelor of Applied Science Osteopathy
  • Bachelor of Applied Science Complementary Medicine
  • Certificate IV Remedial Massage
  • Bachelor of Architecture


  • Australian Osteopathic Association